Recording Services

Services offered include the following.

Multitrack digital recording.
Voice overs.
Backing tracks / Session musicians.
Full mixdown facilities to most types of media.
Custom music production.
Fully equipped live room (sound stage) and control room.
Digital field recording.
Media to Media Transfers (more info under rates)

Recording Studio

We would call this the integral aspect of our productions facility.

Built with the forethought of good quality acoustics and a comfortable environment to make music, "the studio" is our flagship.

The main "playing" room is 6.6m X 7.6m, leaving plenty of space to recording a 4-5 piece band with adequate isolation and minimal cross talk between microphones. In addition to the design of the structure, this room have been equipped with acoustic foam by Primacoustic. The acoustic side has been deigned with the help of our good friends at Factory Sound, in South Melbourne.

We also use acoustic separation panels in this room to separate the sound between instruments/players. This gives us much more control over the sound back to the console depending on the requirement of the recording.

Of course, if you're wanting to record bands larger then 4-5 piece, this can easily be done with overdubbing.

Drum kits can be captured in with many different environment with the addition of false partitioning to create ambient or "flat" micing, again .. depending on the recording requirement. We only use good quality drum mics, which we will decide at the beginning of your project, depending of the result we're trying to obtain.

If vocals are wanting to be recorded with the band to get that "live take", we have a separate vocal isolation booth with a viewing window to the main room for complete isolation. Normally, we would prefer to overdub the vocals afterwards for complete clarity and control .. but this option is available.

Our mics are a variety of Rodes, Shure, Shure Beta, AKG, JTS, Audio Technica and various others. If you're after a particular mic for a project, we CAN get them in with prior notice.

The console (or mixing) room

This room contains our of our mix down and monitoring equipment. From computer based hard disc recorders, to varying effects and virtual processors.

The heart of this cabling nightmare is a 48 input metered desk, which routes all the studio lines to their respective recording and playback channels. We also run two High-End computer based recorders running both Cubase SX3, these give us the freedom to have unlimited recording channels at our disposal.
The studio also run Alesis & Fostex Hard Disc recorders, which interface flawlessly with our PC Based recorders. Up to 52 channels can be recorded simultaneously, but (as stated before), the amount of mix down tracks is virtually endless.

We can mix down to CD, Cassette, DVD, DAT, ADAT, Minidisc, VHS or to any digital format (i.e. - .wav / .mp3 / .aiff). Check the rates page (above) for pricing variations. Just contact us if you're unsure what all this means.

As well as analogue synths, we are equipment with many virtual synths .. so we can create an extremely high quality backing track if you're after something fully produced.

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